Research Area B


This research area focuses on developing new concepts for real-time controllers, controller configurations and learning methods with a special focus on how one can take advantage of using the virtual world/advanced simulations to improve robotic applications in the real world.

The main aim of this focus area is on the automation concept of the robotic devices that interact with soft tissues. This interaction leads to completely new requirements that need to be fulfilled by the robots. Automating a new robot needs basic research on developing novel sensors, actuators, control systems and kinematic behaviour. Known automation concepts of robots for interaction with hard materials have to be evaluated, adapted and enhanced to suit new requirements. Reseach Area A and Reseach Area C will provide a better understanding of the static and dynamic behaviour of soft tissue and allows derivation of requirements for interaction. In addition, simulation models are directly integrated in the automation concept to improve the interaction process.

Principal Investigators:

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Allgöwer
  • Prof. Dr. Bernard Haasdonk
  • Dr. Armin Lechler
  • Prof. Dr. Nejila Parspour
  • JP. Dr. Andreas Pott
  • Prof. Dr. Marc Toussaint
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Verl
  • A/Prof. Bruce MacDonald
  • Patrick Lim
  • Prof. Shane Xie
  • Prof. Peter Xu
  • Prof. Xun Xu

This project is funded through the


This picture showsJoanna Grabowski

Joanna Grabowski

Coordinator GRK 2198

This picture showsOliver Röhrle

Oliver Röhrle

PI and Spokesperson GRK 2198

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

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