Soft Tissue Robotics Summer School 2022

The summer school is back! First in person summer school for the 2nd cohor of graduate students since the COVID-19 pandemic .

This years IRTG 'Soft Tissue Robotics' summer school was mainly focusing on the demonstrator project development. The new cohort of graduate students not only engaged itself with new project ideas, but it built up upon the old cohort's knowledge base.

General Information


This year’s project investigates an automated ultrasound probe alignment for shear wave elastography. An observer shall estimate the muscle fiber angle from ultrasound images, which are then used to automatically actuate the ultrasound probe and align the probe parallel to the muscle fibers.

Project Overview Presentation


Dates: August 15 - August 19, 2022
Time: 9am - 5pm CEST

Closing Ceremony: August 24, 2022


Left to right on the picture above:

Coordinator: Simona Galliani Write e-mail


This year the summer school took place on Campus Vaihingen of the University of Stuttgart at two different locations:


Creating a shared opinion on the goal of the project is key to start the interdisciplinary work on a joint, interdisciplinary demonstrator project. After that, the team split into subgroups for an efficient preparation of the subtopics.

The second day of the demonstrator project focused on the commissioning of the hardware and software. First individual components of the sub-teams were finished, which enabled further connections.

Connecting the developed components led to a first running automated probe alignment. Although several features to log relevant parameters were missing up to this point, this was a major milestone of the demonstrator project reinforced by the definition of an experimental protocol.

The pilot study provided a lot of information on facilitating the subsequent implementation of the study. This also led to a software and hardware iteration, which activated the sub-teams once again.



On the last day of the summer school, the team focused on recording measurements of multiple test subjects. A further evaluation has to show the quality of the measurements taken in order to evaluate if the number of test subjects is sufficient for evaluation.

Along with the presentation on the project results, it followed a live hardware demonstration session where the graduate students could show to the audience the functioning built robot.A fruitful discussion ended the program of the day examining future steps in the project development.

Agenda Closing Ceremony


This image shows Sina Schorndorfer

Sina Schorndorfer


Coordinator GRK 2198

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

This image shows Oliver Röhrle

Oliver Röhrle


PI and Spokesperson GRK 2198

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

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