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International Research Training Group (GRK) 2198/1


GRK 2198/1: Soft Tissue Robotics

Simulation-Driven Concepts and Design for Control and Automation
for Robotic Devices Interacting with Soft Tissues

STR-Logo-wideThe interaction between (rigid) robotic devices and soft materials presents numerous challenging and largely unresolved problems. This is not limited to applications in which rigid robotic devices are directly interacting with soft tissues or in applications in which robotic devices handle easy-to-deform materials. Based on long-lasting collaborations between the University of Stuttgart and the University of Auckland, we established an international and interdisciplinary environment that enhances our basic understanding and knowledge within this field. Through the synergies in simulation technology, cyber-physical engineering, robotic device technology, and biomedical engineering, we are able to form within this IRTG a highly interdisciplinary team focusing on (i) simulation technologies (Research Area A), (ii) automation and control (Research Area B), and (iii) implementing/linking technical and biological concepts (Research Area C). The main idea is to develop new simulation technologies and sensors in order to assist the development of new control strategies and concepts for robotic devices interacting with soft tissues. With ths IRTG, we aim to significantly improve our understanding of next-generation robotic devices through training a new generation of PhD students in an international and interdisciplinary environment in fields like simulation technology, computational modelling, sensing, robotics, and control methods. Graduates from this proposed IRTG will be highly valuable for their ability to contribute to the socio-economic goals of both Germany and New Zealand.

Spokesperson Stuttgart:   Prof. Oliver Röhrle, Prof. Alexander Verl
Spokesperson Auckland:  Prof. Peter Xu, A/Prof. Leo Cheng


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